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Onboard Flame Retardant Treatments For Your Superyacht MGN 580 (M) Compliant

So Why Choose Flame Screen?

We take flame retardancy to another level.

MGN 580 (M) and Red Ensign Group (REG) Code Compliant

Flame Screen Ltd is a Certified Service Provider under MGN 580 (M), after being recognised as an approved supplier under MGN 453 (M) since its introduction.

High Quality Product

We only use advanced liquid flame retardant technologies. We are continuously improving our products and services with ongoing testing of new and emerging treatment options.

Many Years of Experience

We are experts in our field of flame retardancy aboard superyachts.

Licensed Applicators Worldwide

We are proud to offer a worldwide service through our Licensed Applicators who have a professional and conscientious attitude.

COVID 19: Supporting Each Other Through the Uncertainty

This is such a difficult time around the world for everyone and Flame Screen would like to support and encourage you in any way we can. The coronavirus pandemic has touched us all, and we want you to know that we are fully committed to supporting our Licensed Applicators and customers worldwide. Do get in touch if you have any questions regarding flame retardant treatments and MGN 580 (M) certification, if you would like to arrange an appointment or receive a quotation - we’re here to help. With our best wishes to you and your families in these difficult times.

Have you done everything you can to protect your superyacht from fire?

No one wants to see a possession go up in smoke and hopefully it will never happen to you. But imagine if it did and there was something more you could have done to slow down the fire or stop it completely.

Let Flame Screen add another layer of safety to your superyacht

Flame retardants are a hidden protection against the potentially devastating impact of fire.

Why do you need flame retardancy?

1. Peace of mind. 2. Compliance with current legislation. 3. Added level of safety for those on board and your investment. 4. Can be added regularly to maintain adequate levels of retardancy. 5. No upheaval or need to remove furniture as treatment can be applied whilst in port. 6. Once applied the treatment is invisible and does not affect the handle. 7. Costs as a percentage of the value of the vessel are extremely small.

Our Licensed Applicators Are Special

Your yacht, guests and crew could be at risk if you haven't taken the correct precautions. That's why we only work with the best.

Vast Experience and Complete Understanding


Monaco. France. Spain. Italy. Caribbean

Friendly Team and Great Service



Hardworking and Reliable

Interior Technology Services

Southern Florida.

High Standards and Quality Service

One Clean


Work With Us

Become a Licensed Applicator

Do you have what it takes?

What Our Clients Say

It's always rewarding to get great feedback.

"Another application professionally completed on time and as promised."
"Thanks for the care and attention to detail you take with our very precious possession."
"Your flexibility has ensured the smooth-running of the project - much appreciated."
"Your help and advice regarding new legislation was invaluable."
Do you want to know more about flame retardancy on your superyacht?

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