Prevention or Cure? – a Burning Question

It’s always hard to believe how quickly a fire can take hold.  The before and after images

here show what can happen in a matter of hours.   This fire took place in a port where the

firefighting teams were able to be on the scene very quickly – imagine a scenario whilst at


Although superyachts have many safety features, wouldn’t you want to know that

everything possible had been done to ensure your safety on board? To give you those

extra minutes to escape should the worst happen?  That is what fire prevention is all about

– a selection of different fire safety technologies working in conjunction with each other to

provide many layers of safety and to protect everyone on board as much as possible.

For this reason, we would like to see all superyachts opt for flame retardancy as the first

line of defence, pro-actively preventing a fire from taking hold.  In the unlikely event of a

treated area escalating to a fire, a second layer being a re-active automated system would

arm and assist in fighting the fire. We all pay insurance in the hope that we never need

to use it and flame retardancy is very similar in that it offers peace of mind, which is a

priceless commodity.

As an owner, Captain, designer or builder shouldn’t you want to apply flame retardancy

products wherever possible and on a regular basis to maintain protection?

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