What We Do

We help to make the superyacht industry even safer, with our flame retardancy treatment called Emalfon i, which is certified under MGN 580 (M)

We think about fire all the time, so you don't have to.

Fire onboard a yacht is a frightening proposition. It's so important to protect all those aboard, not to mention the vessel itself. Flame retardants are the hidden protection against the potentially devastating impact of fire, whose benefits are often only noticed when they are not present. We searched the market for quite some time to find a product in which we had complete confidence and exceeded our expectations. Our product is called Emalfon-i and can be used to treat items such as cushions, curtains, blinds, rugs, upholstery, mattresses and bed covers.

How You Benefit

Compliance with Current Legislation.

Peace of Mind.

Added level of safety for those on board and your investment.

Once applied the treatment is invisible and does not affect the handle.

No upheaval or need to remove furniture as treatment can be applied whilst in port.

Treatment applied by Licensed Applicators who are experienced and friendly.

In the event of a fire, no power source is required for the treatment to work.

Can be added regularly to maintain adequate levels of retardancy. The MCA recommends every 12 months or less in MGN 580(M) legislation.

Once our product is applied, it will work whether or not the vessel is manned.

Costs as a percentage of the value of the vessel are extremely small.

Why Choose Flame Screen?

We take flame retardancy on superyachts to another level.

Compliant with MGN 580 (M) and Large Commercial Yacht Code Legislation now known as the REG

We understand the law regarding flame retardancy and can advise you.

Approved Service Provider certified and audited by BTTG who are an MCA Certified UK Notified Body as appointed under SI 2016 No.1025.

We have completed a rigorous certification process for the second iteration of this MGN Process and are audited every twelve months, to ensure high standards are maintained. Our certificate number is E007272.

Professional and conscientious attitude

We care about what we do and respect the Superyachts we work on.

Quality Service

In our book, quality is everything - we want to exceed your expectations.

Years of experience

We've been around for a long time and have great knowledge of the superyacht industry, our product and its application.

Worldwide operation

We want to be as flexible as possible so we'll travel to you, just tell us where you'll be.

Ongoing testing of new and emerging technologies

We strive to be at the forefront of our field of fire safety so are always testing our products on new textiles.

Continuously improving our products and services

We are constantly evolving in our quest to find the best service for our clients.

Caring for your vessel as well as your furnishings

We respect your possessions and handle them with the utmost care.

We value your privacy

That's why we protect your details in compliance with the latest GDPR laws.

"With Flame Screen, I know I'm in safe hands. They have been so helpful with compliance questions."

Accepted by All Major Flag Registries

Flame Screen’s MGN 580 (M) certification is accepted by all major Flag Registries.

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