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Our Licensed Applicators are carefully chosen for their experience in the superyacht world, their knowledge and professionalism in assessing, handling and caring for the types of luxurious textiles found onboard.
They tend to be well-established companies used to dealing with the specialist requirements of a modern superyacht, as well as with the beautiful old classic motor and sail yachts, which can require a totally different set of skills. Our Licensed Applicators are in their own right, very familiar with working on the wide and varied range of textiles they encounter onboard these stunning vessels.
The application of a flame retardant treatment can be complicated, so our Licensed Applicators are fully trained to our exacting standards and they are audited under our rules to ensure maximum safety and ensure continued compliance with the requirements of MGN 580 (M).  All our quality processes and documentation are maintained to a standard no less effective than the ISO 9001 series.
We can continue to offer flame retardant treatments in spite of Covid-19 restrictions, due to the fact that our Licensed Applicators are already located in popular superyacht cruising areas worldwide.
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