Superyacht Safety

Flame Retardancy MCA MGN 580(M) on Your Superyacht: Going Beyond Legislation Is What Smart Owners Are Doing.

If there was an additional way to protect your superyacht against fire, you’d want to know wouldn’t you?   What if the treatment was invisible, could be added to your superyacht each year with no upheaval and when convenient for … Read More

Monaco yacht show

Monaco Yacht Show: Fight Fire with Flame Screen

Guess where we are?  Yes, it’s showtime again in Monaco where the spotlight is firmly focused on the amazing superyacht world.  Of course, there are many superyacht shows worldwide, throughout the year, but for us, Monaco Yacht Show is very … Read More

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

15 Minute Safety Challenge

Here is our article recently published on the Onboard Online website. it discusses the recent fire aboard a superyacht in Livorno and how we should all think about how we can all do more to improve safety at sea.   … Read More