From offices in Palma, Mallorca, Indi-Clean have been the turn to experts in fabric care for over fifteen years – servicing the finest Yachts in the Mediterranean.  

Specialising in fabric & carpet restoration, protection and care and offering advice on the installation of fine fabrics & carpets, whilst working with the most prestigious designers and upholsterers.

Specialist Superyacht Cleaning and Fire Retardant Services in Mallorca

Since 2011, Indi-Clean has been licensed to apply fire retardant to MGN 580 standards.

Over the years Indi-Clean has developed a wide range of services including:-

  • Carpet and fine fabric clean and restoration
  • Dry storage during refit
  • Mattress sanitisation
  • Puramyst fogging (anti Covid)
  • Fire retardant treatments

Why Flame Screen chose Indi-Clean as a Licensed Applicator

With first class results, Indi-Clean deliver an outstanding service to exacting standards which are tailor-made to suit customer needs.


Mallorca and other cruising areas covered by agreement.

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