Formerly One Clean, this family business has developed over several generations.  Recently the Company felt it was better to specialise between divisions, so have separated the traditional land-based services called One Clean from the marine side which has been newly re-branded as Waveclean.  

Just as every Superyacht interior is unique with special fabrics and textiles, Waveclean aims to treat each one with individual care and discretion. 

Specialist Cleaning and Fire Retardant Services on Superyachts in Greece and Malta

Waveclean’s experienced and certified technicians based in Greece provide an excellent service for Superyachts in the following areas:-

  • Rug Cleaning and Storage
  • Rug and Carpet Repairs
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fire Retardancy

Why Flame Screen Chose Waveclean as a Professional Licensed Applicator of Flame Retardant Treatments

With many years of experience of working on luxurious textiles and fabrics, Waveclean’s extensive knowledge and professional attitude are a perfect fit for the MGN 580 (M) certification we offer.


Greece, Malta and other cruising areas covered by agreement.

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