Flame Screen’s New Website – a Snapshot of What to Expect

We’re really pleased with our new website. We hope you like the new look and different way of telling you about Flame Screen and what we do.


Why Have We Renewed Our Website?


  • We know more and more visitors look for information on their mobiles so we wanted our website to be completely mobile friendly and easy to use on all devices.
  • In addition, getting to know new clients is really important.  We wanted to make it easier for you to contact us and get FREE quotations for your flame retardancy requirements.
  • Our Licensed agents are an essential part of how we operate,  so we have dedicated a whole area to showcase what they do and where they work. You know you’re in safe hands.


Flame Screen’s New Website:  What’s in Store

Home Page

Flame Screen's new home page

Firstly this page gives an overview of Flame Screen Ltd and what we do

About Us

Flame Screen's new about us page

It’s always nice to have a bit of background on the owners and why they set up Flame Screen.

What We Do

Flame Screen's new website

Flame Retardancy within the superyacht industry is quite a niche market.  This area of the website describes the work of Flame Screen and how you will benefit from having flame retardancy added to your superyacht.  We also cover why Flame Screen offers a great service.


Flame Screen's new website

This section tells you all about the ins and outs of the legislation regarding flame retardancy.  We tell you about what is monitored and what to look for in a company that provides flame retardancy.

Our Licensed Applicators

Flame Screen's Licensed Applicators

We have licensed applicators worldwide who are simply the best.  This part of the website is dedicated to our Licensed Applicators, who they are, what they do and where they work.  

There is also an area to learn more about becoming an agent.  Have you got what it takes?  

How It Works

Flame Screen's new website

There is a simple guide to show you the process and how easy you’ll find working with Flame Screen.  You can see the companies we have worked with and there’s an informative FAQ section where we can answer some common questions we receive from our clients.


Flame Screen's blog

Finally, the Flame Screen Blog, where we keep you updated and all things safety and tell you about flame retardancy in more detail and how it fits into the very exciting world of superyachts.  


Go On – Take a Look at our New Website.

We hope we have included some different features to help potential clients become more informed about flame retardancy and how it can add another layer of safety to your superyacht.

Take a look at the website or contact us for more details – we’re happy to help you.


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