Flame Retardancy

superyacht fires

Superyacht Fires Have Evolved – How Do We Combat the Problem?

  Just as superyachts and the technology they use have evolved over the years, so have the way fires start onboard.  And if you think the newer the vessel the less chance there is of fire, then you’d be wrong. … Read More

Flame Retardancy on Superyachts: How Often Should You Treat Your Vessel?  Every 24 vs 12 Months

The question of how often you should re-treat a superyacht for flame retardancy comes up all the time when we talk to Captains. So we decided to write about the pros and cons of 24 vs 12 months, so you … Read More

Avoid Superyacht Fires: Choose The Best Flame Retardancy Company to Treat your Vessel

They say that prevention is better than cure, and this classic phrase epitomises why every superyacht should opt for the extra level of safety that flame retardancy gives.   All superyacht owners will shudder when they see the news of a … Read More

Prevention or Cure? – a Burning Question

It’s always hard to believe how quickly a fire can take hold.  The before and after images here show what can happen in a matter of hours.   This fire took place in a port where the firefighting teams were able … Read More

Every Second Counts When Escaping a Fire

Flame Retardancy Myth Busting

We’ve had an article published on Onboard Online and it’s definitely worth a read.  We wanted to set the record straight about Flame Retardancy on superyachts so here are some common myths about adding this treatment to your superyacht to … Read More

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